Latest from the Life class

Enjoyed the latest life class with Fransesca posing. Never enough time in these sessions but it helps focus!!!


Enjoyed the latest life class with Fransesca posing. Never enough time in these sessions but it helps focus!!!

Submission for the exhibition at the Rathbone gallery.


Sculptural work

My submission for the exhibition at The Rathbone based on the poets that made up The Mersey Sound, Roger McGough, Brian Patten and Adrian Henri. 21st Oct - 23rd Dec

Initial workings for new work......

Marine Lake SketchIMG_0561.JPG

Marine Lake

Based on my walking sketches this is the first semi-complete draft for a 150 x 100 painting. Bit to go but a good foundation for further exploration.



CeramiX 17 at Staacks

Huge excitement. October will witness our first group ceramix exhibition, including works by Simon Shaw, lindi Martin and Rebecca Parrin. Starting October 1st

Sculptures at Chester Cathedral


Great sculpture. Great setting

A few hours in Chester and it was brilliant combining the sculpture exhibition at the cathedral with the Pop Art show just across the road. Go visit and see for yourself.

New model

Interesting that after so long painting Louise, a change in model has had little effect on my colour choices or approach. It may be that with only two hours I tend to stick with what is familiar/comfortable.


Change of model but little change in style! Why?

New Exhibition

Pulling together some of my figurative work for the exhibition at the Wirral Art Centre which launches next Friday evening (14th July). The show promises to be of a very high standard so look out for the still life works in particular.

Menorca Doors

A couple of images from a recent trip to Menorca. Sadly PVC is fast replacing these wonderful wooden doors and although I get the practicalities of this move I prefer the weather-beaten look

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Coastline Conversations

Well my Coastline Conversations exhibition is now coming to a close. With 24 paintings sold it has been a huge success and has been universally praised. So a great big thank you to everyone who bought, commented or simply admired. In the meantime it's back to life classes, teaching and running the shop. Hopefully the commissions will get done in time and the next adventure can begin. 

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Website Launch

Well, this is it so far. For a non-technical person I am pleased with the way the site is going. I will keep updating and adding new images as they happen but for now it's very exciting to have my own site. Fingers crossed it continues to be trouble free.